Zee Zacarias

Very Easy to apply! It’s so refreshing! It smells good. You will even notice changes from its first stages. You will even see a more glowing you! Truly an amazing product! It’s a must have. I’m sure with its continuous usage. I will be looking like psy in no time. Thank you New Life Philippines!

Karen Datumanong

What can I say for this product? Awesome! Lighten, medyo nag pinkish ung cheek ko dyan, for 1 trial, the result is very quickly. I love this product 100%. Thank you

Lei Dela Cruz

Surprisingly, this is the first time ever that I got instant result from a beauty product! Upon using it, my face became silky soft, rejuvenated, and my pores were tightened. My skin was totally glowing after use! The application is hassle free and convenient and, won’t consume much of your time! No harsh smell too! I did not notice any after effects such as itchiness, redness, etc. . I can really see myself using this product any time soon and will surely recommend it to others especially to those who are beauty conscious and are of same as my age bracket.

Brand Story

We are living in a time where looks, health and age are the bases of initial impression in gauging one’s esteem.

As if, it is an unwritten doctrine that to look not your best beautiful self, is a sin.

A silent creed, that to look haggard and older than your actual age, is a crime.

This gave birth to Neobeau, the next generation skincare products for the new definition of Beauty.

Home Packages


  • Is an Authentic 10-Steps Facial Treatment and Take Home Maintenance System to achieve a very translucent, seemingly transparent, smooth skin that the light bounces back.
  • Utilizes 4th Generation Biotechnology Rice-EGF ™ , BioPeptide Complex 1&2 ™ , BioAquatic Technology ™ , Sodium Hyaluronate, Ceramides , Vitamins, Minerals, Botanical Extracts and Essential Oils that lets SKIN REBIRTH TO PERFECTION.
  • NO-Pigments-NO-Acids comprehensive skincare to achieve instant GLASS SKIN GOALS.