Who We Are

about our company

New Life Philippines Inc. is a Korean Skincare provider, with an intention to uplift Philippine’s quality of life though the help of our ground-breaking and distinctive Korean Designer’s Skincare Creations and business solutions.

New Life Philippines Inc. is the first company in the Philippine to introduce clinical protocol of Ultimate Korean Glass Skin Facial through the help of sophisticated Sciences behind NEOBEAU.

New Life Philippines Inc. in partnership with respectable and renowned expertise of Dermatologist, and Aesthetic Doctors nationwide brings you the skin that doesn’t needs to hide behind makeup, concealers and semi-permanent coverage.

All our products are Korean and Philippines FDA registered and notified.

We consider ourselves as a beacon of hope and an instrument of a new start, new future and the best NEW LIFE Imaginable.

What Do We Believe In?


in all our business dealings, transactions and promises given to our employees, stakeholders, partners, members and end-users.


among our relationships, environment, community and also harmony of our innovative products to all types of skin.


in choosing brands perfect to end-users and in providing business solutions that offers the most creative easy ways of earning.

These are NLPI’s guiding Philosophy, this is the NewLife Way.

What Moves Us?


– universal and timeless desire to seek, create and experience beauty from outside-in to inside-out.


- beyond the profitability of our business platform, we pride ourselves in offering not just mere financial freedom. But most importantly, an opportunity to uplift the quality of life of each members, partners, stakeholders and employees.


– inevitably springs as the end result of being an instrument of beauty and empowerment on our daily lives.

These are the essences of NewLife Philippines Inc, our promised PURPOSE of existence.

Our Brand Story

We are living in a time where looks, health and age are the bases of initial impressions in gauging one’s esteem.
As if, it is an unwritten doctrine that to look not your best beautiful self, is a sin.
A silent creed, that to look haggard and older than your actual age, is a crime.
This gave birth to Neobeau, the next generation skincare products for the new definition of Beauty.

Brand Core Value: All about Skin

Neobeau’s approach is much deeper than skin deep. It don’t just offer quick fixes, concealing problems and make ups.

Neobeau is all about the skin–it nourishes, revives, repairs, protects and empowers skin’s biochemical pathways to produce healthy amount of whatever skin needs. It’s like being beautiful inside-out and out-side in, the quickest and safest way.

Brand Origin: Korean Designer Skincare

Providing Korean Skincare is not a one-person team, but rather a partnership with doctors, dermatologist, and skin care experts. This partnership will deliver the best result for the betterment of patient’s skin.

Alongside with the leading and most innovative skincare manufacturers in South Korea, we were able to accomplish the momentous endeaver of offering the highest level skincare products and become the authority of skincare and cosmetic products in the country.

Brand Intention: Empowered Happiness

Our Brand is contagiously worthy, making it so easy to turn into profitable skincare products for doctors, dermatologist, and skin care experts.

We also recognize that it is never just about one’s self and bottom lines. Guided with this wisdom, we only promote products that are made through eco friendly, natural ingredients, and sustainable processes.

“Enjoy your Renaissance Neobeau”