Introducing “Korean Designer Skincare Creations”

We’re thrilled to share about a “dream product” Well here it is!

Neobeau Age Restoring Skincare or Basic skincare for everyday use. Perfect from mid-20’s and up end-users who wants to establish a healthy skin regimen. It is always better and more practical to neutralize the factor that causes accelerated aging at an early age, than to wait until the actual manifestation of aging occurs. Specially formulated for those with dry, sensitive and oily skin. All products contain natural ingredients, fragrance and Paraben Free.

Everyday use Korean Designer’s Skincare Creations for that coveted glass skin. To maintain and restore that healthy, youthful, luminous and crystal clear skin!


Pangasinan Product Know How Seminar

Last July 24, 2018, we were given a chance to present our products and business at Filipiana Restaurant, Rosales, Pangasinan.

We were delighted to show the participants our very own Neobeau Age Restoring Skincare and Neobeau Home Clinic Skincare.

We’re proud to say that all of the participants were amazed about the benefits of the products that would give them the “Korean Glass Skin”.

Having said this, all of the participants showed their interest to become members.

From here onwards, let’s all look forward for more business to come!

Renewed, Revived and Rejuvenated skin in as easy as 1-2-3!

Professional machine-less Diamond Peel and Oxygen Facial at the convenience of your home.

How to use Diamond 3 step Peeling Program

Step-1: On a newly washed face, apply an appropriate amount of Step-1 Diamond Peeling Cream using the provided spatula.

Massage gently in circular upward motion for 2 minutes. Avoid areas with thin skin such as around the eyes and mouth.

Wipe off with soft tissue and no need to rinse with water. WARNING: Avoid direct contact with the eyes.

Step-2: Pump 4-5 times Step-2 Oxygen Bubble Peeling and spread on the entire face.

Leave it for 5 minutes to induce bubble formation and absorption of Oxygen needed to breathe in life, back into the skin cells.

If the formed bubbles reduced to 60%, neutralize it with a small amount of water for about a minute.

Be careful not to let into the eyes while rinsing with lukewarm water.

Step-3: Dispense 3 pumps of Step-3 Soothing Essence and apply all over the face.

TIP: Depending on your skin concerns and needs, you may apply Home Clinic Intensive Repair Program or 2-Phase Ampoule Program on top of Step 3 Soothing Essence.

Finish with Neobeau Age Restoring Basic Care. Suggested Frequency of Use: 2-3 times a week.