Ritz Silvio

Thank you New Life Philippines for giving me a chance to try the Diamond 3 step peeling kit. I really love it! It makes my skin glow, dewy, smooth and even poreless! By using it i already achieved the glass skin like the Koreans that everybody wants.

Jessy Ruth Jacalne

Honestly, I don’t use any beauty care products because I don’t believe in any of it. Also, because I have skin asthma. But something changed after I used Neobeau Diamond 3 step peeling trial kit. First, this product is fragrance free and no artificial added. Thus, it’s suitable for people who have skin asthma like me. Second, way before I used this product as you can see from the photos. My face was so dull, oily, full of dark spots and pimples but after applying and simply following the steps, I felt that something changed. Lastly, after I used the Diamond 3 step peeling kit, It instantly moisturized my skin and it became more elastic, toned, vibrant and younger looking even though this is my very first time using this product. Thus, I’m looking forward to be one of the lucky winners of the NEOBEAU DIAMOND 3 STEP PEELING KIT worth of P10, 500 so that me and people around will see the full transformation of my face and convince more to also use this product. Thank you NLPI!

Angelique Lazaro-Salaza

So these are my before and after photos, and one thing to describe the product? Amazing!!! I had blackheads before, and after using your product, blackheads no more!! After a day, my husband noticed that I was blooming and glowing as well! He even asked what I used. Lol. I would definitely use this again and recommend you guys to my friends, family and relatives!! Thank you so much for the experience and I hope to avail your products again!!

Denisse Lopez

This product is superb! After using this, I felt as clean and fresh literally like same as what I feel whenever I undergo Diamond Peel Session in my favorite Skin clinic. What I really like with this product is the After Glow Effect! You’ll see the result with just one Used! No kidding! Just Wow! Even my boyfriend Notice the Difference After I used this ,He even want try it for a person who wants to have a complete set of facial skin care like me that gives a real promising result, this one is the best! All in all this Product is really worth every peso that’ you’ll spend because it really delivers what it promise and no need to go for a diamond session just used this! Two thumbs up!

Glen Allan Guevarra

You can feel that your face was cleansed thoroughly. There was a tightening feel after you used the product and my skin felt refreshed and softer. I feel so gwapo after using the product

Dooz Pessina Dayo

Personally I think the product is legit. The powder was super fine, and felt like a micro scrub. Not harsh at all. But I could feel it removing yucky dead skin cells. The cleansers were nice and of course the bubble cleanser was super fun. The final touch was a nice soothing gel and it was a refreshing way to end. I would definitely use this product again. Thank you!

Zee Zacarias

Very Easy to apply! It’s so refreshing! It smells good. You will even notice changes from its first stages. You will even see a more glowing you! Truly an amazing product! It’s a must have. I’m sure with its continuous usage. I will be looking like psy in no time. Thank you New Life Philippines!

Karen Datumanong

What can I say for this product? Awesome! Lighten, medyo nag pinkish ung cheek ko dyan, for 1 trial, the result is very quickly. I love this product 100%. Thank you

Lei Dela Cruz

Surprisingly, this is the first time ever that I got instant result from a beauty product! Upon using it, my face became silky soft, rejuvenated, and my pores were tightened. My skin was totally glowing after use! The application is hassle free and convenient and, won’t consume much of your time! No harsh smell too! I did not notice any after effects such as itchiness, redness, etc. . I can really see myself using this product any time soon and will surely recommend it to others especially to those who are beauty conscious and are of same as my age bracket.