Customer Care

You may order online via website only, though you may reach us or inquire via FB account too

First, fill up an application form and submit necessary requirements to your nearest branch or to the Designers that referred you. Attend basic Product Know-how and Business Know-how seminars. NLPI will issue probationary ID, then you need to purchase any of the packages under the membership level you desired. And you are off to go to enjoy lifetime membership, discounts and privileges.

Yes there are. You need to be of legal age, submit filled up application form, 2 valid government IDs, 2 valid proof of billings, Authority to conduct credit investigation for more than 200,000 initial transactions.

There are perks and rewards of being a Designer and we call it 7 easy ways to earn :

  • Lifetime Outright Discount
  • Referral Bonus
  • Sale Value Points
  • Group Sale Value Point
  • Monthly Promotional Bonus
  • Travel Incentives
  • Car Plan Incentives

NewLife Designer has 4 Levels:

  • NewLife Designer Daisy – with Outright Discount of 23%
  • NewLife Designer Tulip- with Outright Discount of 27%
  • NewLife Designer Lavender- with Outright Discount of 30%
  • NewLife Designer Orchid- with Outright Discount of 35% for more information

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You must log in first, to access your personalized account dashboard. In your dashboard, you can place and track your orders, monitor your income statement , reservation status, shipment status, payment due reminder and account information.

Sale Value Points are earned individually from all your purchased products. Each product has equivalent SVP.

Group Sale Value Points consolidated points earned from all your first generation referral’s product purchases only.

Good news, NLPI SVP and GSVP do not expire, and can be monitored thru your My Account Dashboard and redeemable to your designated branch.

One (1) SVP/GSVP is worth P1.00.

None, all our products do earn Sale Value Points and Group Sale value Points.

Since all SVP/GSVP are earned from fully paid purchases and credited to member’s account every 25th of the month ( for 1st -15th cutoff) and 10th of the next month (for 16th-30th cutoff), members can redeemed right away once credited.

Members can redeem points simply by buying any of NLPI products and paying it using the points earned to any NLPI branches. Online redemption is not yet available.

Currently points for redemption is only entertained in NLPI branches and not yet available via online redemption. Frequently visit our website for possible future online redemption.

Only the specific member or designer, who earned the points can use or redeem it. It is not transferable.

For the initial order, NO. Packages come as is, for the initial membership orders and cannot be customized. But on the succeeding orders, members can choose whatever product combination and quantity.