Customer Care

A. Products

Our products come from an ISO certified Korean manufacturer with existing seal of quality from their Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (their version of FDA). Also, our products are all duly registered with the Philippines FDA, successfully passing their strict requirements for cosmetic products. Hence, you are assured that what you are purchasing are proven safe and effective.

Our products are designed to cater for all skin types since it was formulated using the safest natural ingredients and processes. All our products are Paraben Free and Fragrance-free hence significantly lessen possibility of sensitivity.

We are happy and proud to offer all our products under Neobeau Ranges since all are designed and formulated to provide nourishments that may improve over all wellness of the skin. All our products contained BioPeptide Complex 1&2, BioAquatic , Vitamins and Minerals, Phytochemicals from various botanical extracts and essential oils that works hand in hand in preserving youthfulness and vibrance

We offer value for money products. Very reasonably priced and the results are instant and visible to the naked eyes.

Although most countries allow the entry of cosmetic products for personal use, specific regulations differs each country. You may need to check the specific regulations of your destination country before your scheduled flight.

Shipping regulations of cosmetic products differ from courier services and to the country of destination. You may need to check with your chosen courier for their specific requirements. NLPI will provide you any documentary requirements upon request.

First, you must ask your Doctor to identify the specific list of allergens that triggers your allergies. Then before purchasing our products, you may check our list of ingredients if it doesn’t contain any of your known allergens. Lastly, before applying on your face, you may conduct simple patch test on your inner arm skin. Apply a drop of any products you plan to use on your inner arm, then put tape on it for 15-30 minutes. Then check for itchiness, redness or inflammation, if none, then most probably you are compatible with the tested product.

B. Packages

A. No. For the meantime our system cannot accommodate customized packages. Therefore you can only choose from the set packages for each Designer Level.

Great news, for every Designer there are 3-4 options to choose from. For example for Designer daisy there are 4 options. Designer Tulip 4 options , Designer Lavender 3 options and for Designer Orchid another 3 options.

Yes, for daily use or maintenance regimen, we highly recommend the Daisy Age Restoring Basic Skincare Package. The Age Restoring line will sustain all the anti-aging treatment you are using.

For very matured skin that needs quick visible results, we highly recommend the ULTIMATE Home Clinic Package. This package has the complete treatment approach products , non-invasive meaning no need for needles thus no pain and yet super quick results.

You may use the Age Restoring Basic Skincare for daily use and for once or twice a week either the Intermediate Home Clinic or the Advance Home Clinic Packages.