Jessy Ruth Jacalne

Honestly, I don’t use any beauty care products because I don’t believe in any of it. Also, because I have skin asthma. But something changed after I used Neobeau Diamond 3 step peeling trial kit. First, this product is fragrance free and no artificial added. Thus, it’s suitable for people who have skin asthma like me. Second, way before I used this product as you can see from the photos. My face was so dull, oily, full of dark spots and pimples but after applying and simply following the steps, I felt that something changed. Lastly, after I used the Diamond 3 step peeling kit, It instantly moisturized my skin and it became more elastic, toned, vibrant and younger looking even though this is my very first time using this product. Thus, I’m looking forward to be one of the lucky winners of the NEOBEAU DIAMOND 3 STEP PEELING KIT worth of P10, 500 so that me and people around will see the full transformation of my face and convince more to also use this product. Thank you NLPI!

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