Neobeau Age Restoring

Neobeau Age Restoring Essential Fluid

What it Does:
● First Step to smoother and softer skin.
● Instantly Moisturizes the skin
● Makes the skin more elastic, toned and vibrant!
● Helps delay skin ageing
● Perfectly designed for matured oily skin!

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Product Details

Product Advantage:
Preparatory first step to smoother and softer skin. A lite, water based concoction of skin nutritive that prepares and conditions the skin to be more conducive for better absorption of subsequent products. Perfectly designed even for matured oily skin.
Fragrance and Paraben Free
NEOBEAU allows you to be friends with Time, by staying youthfully vibrant!
NEOBEAU for the new beautiful you!

120ml, leave on lite water based essence.

Beneficial Ingredients:
Rice SH-EGF, Bio Peptide Complex 1&2™, Vitamins & Minerals, Wild Yam Extract, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Sodium Hyaluronate, Trehalose, Noni Fruit Extracts, Ribwort Leaf Extracts, Niacinamide,Glutathione, Beta-Glucan, BioAquatics™

Best with:
● Neobeau Home Clinic Unstress Peeling Powder
● Neobeau Age Restoring Hydrating Emulsion
● Neobeau Age Restoring Lifting Essence
● Neobeau Age Restoring Wrinkle Free Cream
● Neobeau Age Restoring Wrinkle Free Eye Cream

Enjoy your Renaissance NEOBEAU!

How To Use / Tips