NewLife Designer Daisy

NewLife Designer Daisy 4: Neobeau Home Clinic Ultimate

SRP₱ 34,229
Package Inclusions:
1set Home Clinic Diamond 3-steps Peeling Program (50g Step 1 + 30ml Step2 + 30ml Step3)
1box Home Clinic Two-Phase Ampoule Program (2ml x 10 ampoule)
1box Home Clinic Gold Bio Gel Mask (Part1 : 50g x 4sachet ; Part2 5g x 4 sachet)
1box Home Clinic Unstress Peeling Powder (15g x 3 bottles)
1box Home Clinic Intensive Repair Program (Part1: 1 x 8 bottles ; Part2 : 2ml x 8 syringe)
1pc Neobeau Mini Ion Applicator

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Package Details

Package Advantage:
● Ultimate treatment for a timeless and glowing skin.
● Perfectly designed for matured skin.
● For quick skin rejuvenation and renewal system.
● Perfect for sensitive and delicate skin
● Fragrance and Paraben Free!

NEOBEAU allows you to be friends with Time, by staying youthfully vibrant!
NEOBEAU for the new beautiful you!

Beneficial Technology:
● 4th Generation Biotechnology
● Rice Epidermal Growth Factor
● Bio Peptide Complex 1&2 TM
● BioAquatics TM
● Botanical Extracts and Essential Oils
● Crystalsome TM Delivery System
● Vitamins and Minerals

Best with:
● Neobeau Age Restoring Essential Fluid
● Neobeau Age Restoring Hydrating Emulsion
● Neobeau Age Restoring Lifting Essence
● Neobeau Age Restoring Wrinkle Free Cream
● Neobeau Age Restoring Wrinkle Free Eye Cream

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Enjoy your Renaissance NEOBEAU!

How To Use / Tips for detailed per product direction of use.

  1. Thoroughly cleanse the face by dispensing approximately 1 g Untress Peeling Powder and add enough amount of water to form lather. Spread evenly all over the face then scrub gently in circular motion. Rinse well and pat dry.
  2. Using the provided spatula, scoop 1g of the Diamond Peeling Program Step 1, spread evenly all over the face and neck. Then gently massage in circular upward motion to remove dead skin cells. Just wipe off with wet tissue, no need to rinse.
  3. Dispense 2 pumps of Diamond Peeling Program Step 2, quickly spread one layer all over the face and neck, then leave it for 5 minutes and allow it form bubbles on it’s own. Then wipe off with wet tissue , no need to rinse.
  4. Dispense 2 pumps of Diamond Peeling Program Step 3 and gently massage all over the face. Do not wipe off, just leave it on.
  5. Mix thoroughly Home Clinic Intensive Repair Program Tablet and Activator, dispense the solution drop by drop on face and neck. Massage with Mini Ion Applicator.
  6. Mix Step 1 and Step 2 of Gold Bio Gel Mask then quickly spread all over the face, let it dry for 15-20minutes then peel off. Remove all mask residue using wipes.
  7. Apply Home Clinic 2-Phase Ampoule all over the face and neck then concentrate on problematic areas using the Mini Ion Applicator.